PP Present & Future

Guatemala city, 30.1.2020

#1 Disillusionment


Liberation movement always was/is/will be a minority thing

Democratic system based on the majority of votes cannot provide us more freedom or lead to a more free society

#2 Paradigm clash


Clash of centralized and decentralized paradigm:
We cannot use the rules of centralized paradigm to embrace decentralized paradigm.

It doesn't make sense and it always cripples new technology.

#3 Prepare for the worst

  • The authoritative government will survive in the following 20 years and will be even more authoritative 
    • KYC v5 - ban of truly anonymous cryptocurrencies at exchanges
    • EET, eKasa shit
  • The people using crypto technologies and crypto markets (trying to avoid the state rules) will be criminalized
    • there will be many exemplary lawsuits against many innocent people (Ross Ulbricht, ..)
  • Despite the precedents like Ross Ulbricht's case,
    politicians cannot win their fight; they HAVE TO ADAPT to the crypto-anarchy / free-market rules
    • but this may be very painful - a lot of innocent people will be sacrificed during this battle.

#4 Hope

But we have a global Internet community connecting millions of different people with the same taste:


Taste for Freedom

#5 Build

Let's build & connect the global freedom-minded community!

#6 Vienna PP


#6 Vienna PP


#7 Barcelona PP


#8 Expansion


Potential cities with crypto-anarchist communities:

  • Kosice
  • Panama City
  • LA
  • Santa Marta / Bogota
  • Sarajevo
  • London (fail?)

#9 Vision

  • Become firstly Central-European, later global "crypto liberation think-tank" promoting freedom and privacy using crypto technologies (= Central European EFF)
  • Become a safe haven for people who want to opt-out of the system (building & promoting of TAZ)
  • Be technologically & personally better prepared for state infiltration (improve ostracism)
  • Be an umbrella framework (providing space, people, technology) for any compatible freedom organisations 
  • Fight for financial privacy (against KYC/AML, ban of truly anonymous cryptocurrencies)

#10 Parallel Polis 3.0

  • 1978-* Parallel Polis 1.0 (decentralized movement in disidents' flats)
  • 2014-2025 Parallel Polis 2.0 (physical places in multiple cities)
  • 2025-* Parallel Polis 3.0 (virtual reality)

#11 Be strong


  • Be aware of massive asymmetry between the government and individual
  • It is hard to protect your privacy in the real world (physical security is the weakest point of most digital privacy people!)
  • Most government attacks against crypto anarchy will use social engineering, few of them using 0-day exploits, the least will be against crypto
  • They can always destroy you / compromise you if they want and have a budget
  • Avoid the system, be agorist
  • Do not be personal, do not create enemies


By Pavol Luptak


Vision for PP2020

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