What is Glados(hubot)

Hubot is a chatbot program written by Github. 

Hubot dramatically improves and reduces employee efficiency. 

While the program might be called "Hubot" I've named ours GLaDOS.

Who is Glados?

GLaDOS stands for 

What can we do with Glados?

We can make GLaDOS troll Adam anytime anyone says the word "van" or says a word that contains "van" 

GLaDOS can be programmed to listen for commands, execute them and respond appropriately. 


GLaDOS is currently configured to build the SE Platform. 


GLaDOS is also configured to deploy the SE platform

Command the Robot

This post pretty much says everything you need to know

BUT I'll cover the details


Hubot scripts are written in Coffee, pretty simple.

Every script will start with this line:

 module.exports = (robot) ->

This line is how a plugin "starts" 


The next line describes what the robot should do:

respond - robot will respond when mentioned
 robot.respond /(imitate\scojo)/i, (msg) ->

hear - robot will respond when I word is found
 robot.hear /van/i, (msg) ->

Make the robot talk

The next line of your script is what the program actually does when the right word or incantation is spoken. 

To make the robot respond, use msg.reply

 msg.reply 'OMG GLITTER (allthethings)'

Connect to the internet

Hubot has a built in "request" library on the msg object 

 msg.http('')    .get() (err, res, body) ->        try            json = JSON.parse(body)            msg.send "Ngrid Preprod has the follow packages"            msg.send "se-platform: #{ json.version }"        catch error            msg.send "I couldn't find the version for you. So I burned the house down with lemons"


Using Fabric we can make GLaDOS execute extremely complex tasks across multiple servers. 

Using spawn and exec we can execute sub-processes. 

Use spawn for long running tasks (ie a deploy) and use exec  for short tasks 


When using spawn there will be events emitted and we can listen to and react to those events

Deploy Glados

GLaDOS is extremely easy to deploy
  1. ssh TS01
  2. cd /home/sedeploy/hipchatbot
  3. git pull (enter your github username and password)
  4. sudo supervisorctl restart glados-hipchatbot


By Nick Lang


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