as a Web Developer

Nikhil John

Choose one

  • Bangalore Mumbai, Hyderabad, NCR etc.)

  • Smaller town (maybe your hometown)

  • Work abroad

Magic Option 4

  • Earn much more than your City job
  • Spend as much time with friends and family as you want
  • Don't live in the City
  • Travel the world

What is this Magic Option?

Remote Development

Work from Anywhere


So what are we talking about?

  • What are the joys and the pains of life as a Remote Engineer?
  • Why you would want to be a Remote Engineer?
  • Why you wouldn't want to be a Remote Engineer?
  • How do you become a Remote Engineer?

Digital Nomads are people, who work remotely and lead a nomadic lifestyle, working out of Cafes and Airbnb's.

Digital nomads often tend to utilise this flexibility by travelling cities and countries.

Who is a Digital Nomad?

  • 2 years as a Digital Nomad
  • 13 countries - work + travel
  • Multiple remote organizations.

What are your creds?

  • Flexibility - time/location/clothing
  • Lower costs - commute/clothing/cost of living (location)
  • Better pay (possibly), lesser tax (possibly)
  • Stress (traffic related)
  • Health - Pollution/Home food
  • Fewer sick days (when you're not that sick)
  • More time with family, friends
  • Travel, explore! Or spend time in your hometown.
  • Meet new people from around the world, online and in person
  • ........ (there are so many)

Why (for the employee)?

  • Lack of structure/routine
  • Lack of social life (if you're that kind of person)
  • Distractions at home
  • Dependence on Technology when infra is weak
  • Job security (possibly)

Why not (for the employee)?

  • Bigger talent pools
  • Minimal office infrastructure ($$)
  • Productivity - one size doesn't fit all

Why (for the employer)?

  • Information and Data Security
  • Enforcing productivity
  • Time tracking

Why not (for the employer)?

How do I sign up?

1. Hone your skills

2. Update your profile

3. Apply


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Traveling the World as a Web Developer

By Nikhil John

Traveling the World as a Web Developer

My experience as a Digital Nomad, wandering the globe while working as a Remote Web Developer

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