AR/VR apps

using React

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Virtual Reality

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VR: Training simulators for anything, not just flight.

AR:  "Minority Report" or "Iron Man" style of interactivity.

Mixed Reality - the future

 merging of real and virtual worlds

Approaches to VR development

  • WebVR

  • Native SDK

React-VR for WebVR

  • API intro
  • Demo
  • Hands on coding session - 1.5 hrs

React VR

Facebook maintained framework for VR.


Uses react js.


Mozilla developers maintained, open source framework.


Many multinational brands have developed solutions using A-Frame.


  • Lack of industry standardization
  • Fast evolving hardware ecosystem
  • Lack of consumers


  • Try WebVR to validate
  • List all the OS versions to be supported
  • Involve good 3D graphics designers

Best practices

  • Invest on dev environment
  • Freeze the scope
  • Test often

AR/VR apps using React

By Niranjan Janardhana

AR/VR apps using React

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