Interactive mapPING

 of census, voter,

and analytics data


take your campaign

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Voterfile database


Districts Database


Census data

35 demographic data sets by highest granularity available 

Analytics Models

Partisanship by precinct

Analytics Models

Turnout by hexagon grid

Geographic Models

DNC Arbor Project Voter registration model by precinct 

Field optimization

Universe density by poll (Canadian precincts)

I absolutely use these maps every day, to prioritize the precincts I want to hit and increase buy­-in from my volunteers.


Leon Gonion

Field Organizer


Field reports

Door contacts by hexagon grid

I have been using Empower Engine to motivate my core team members and super volunteers. It really helps get the volunteers excited.


Sarah Monteith

Field Organizer



Empower Engine for Campaigns

By Noah Glusenkamp

Empower Engine for Campaigns

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