Front-end Testing on Steroids

I'm Stefano Magni (@NoriSte)

I'm a passionate front-end engineer and team leader,

a speaker, and an instructor.

I work for WorkWave, a Field Service Software company.

(or just run $ npx noriste)

I'm Stefano Magni (@NoriSte)

I'm the author of


Cypress Wait Until plugin


Cypress OTP plugin

Cypress Protocol Buffers plugin

My recent OS contributions:

Cory House pushed the productivity even more in his Lessons From 5 Years in React talk where he shows how he works.

They had never written a test in their life, now they are crazy about Cypress!

Simone D'avico, Software Development Engineer 

Thank you 🙏

Front-end Testing on Steroids (Ticino Software Craft)

By Stefano Magni

Front-end Testing on Steroids (Ticino Software Craft)

Di Cypress tutti ne parlano e tutti se ne innamorano non appena lo provano, ma perché è così famoso? Perché gli sviluppatori frontend ci si trovano benissimo? Lo scopriremo analizzando alcuni test E2E, alcuni test UI Integration test (senza back-end) , e alcuni test di componenti React.

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