Revolutionize your front-end, Keep your back-end

We are in 2017

  • Web components
  • Micro-services
  • Mobility
  • APIs

And still...

  • Low back-end perfs
  • Over-engineered layouts engines
  • Poor UX
  • Fat responsive front
  • hundreds of http requests per page
  • Need for expertise on things that shouldn't
  • Hard reusability (styles, logic)

Front job

30 to 50% of an e-Commerce web team workforce

is dedicated to front-end tasks

Layouts engines push limits on UX,

and require expertise on back-end to work on front-end


What if

We could use modern tools

to make us save time

and increase UX and webperfs

without rewriting the core logic

Troll mode on

Truth is :

Motivation came from the fact that

Magento 2 template engine


than Magento 1's


Let's do the magic

The middleware will gather data

from your APIs

YES : you can call multiple APIs, such as :

  • Magento2 for catalog and orders
  • Wordpress or Drupal for contents
  • PIM for descriptions and translations
  • ERP for stock status and prices
  • Weather Report ? Stock market ?

And it will cache all of it!

Save time

Simply ask for data on front-views with GraphQL

Reduce server load

Frontend design best practices with a Design System following the Atomic Design methodology

Easy third party data integration

Happy Visitors

efficient http request & response

Enhanced local cache

ReactJS !



ReactJS, again ! Total Freedom !

Build the right UX/UI for your business

and leave competitors behind

More to come

Offline mode

Optimistic Update

Native apps with React Native

Other headless CMS : Shopify, Sylius, Thelia ?

Connectors to Akeneo, Drupal


By Société Occitech


A revolutionnary e-Commerce to plug to your API(s)

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