All decks
  • When Houdini met Goldblum

    A practical talk about learning Houdini: what it is, how it solved a problem I had, useful resources, the current landscape and thoughts about where we'll be soon. Delivered at CSS Camp 2019

  • Passing the Tech Test

  • Weird CSS

    A talk I may still give one day... CSS might have a reputation for being (ahem) "idiosyncratic" but if you squint a little bit it all makes sense.

  • The More You Give

    A talk given at Formidable London's first birthday party on practical steps companies can take to contribute to greater diversity in our industry and how the resulting talent benefits us all.

  • TM 2017

  • Presentation to MancReact May 2017

    A breakdown of the various tools and techniques we can use to slim down our payloads and keep our users (and Alex Russell) happy.

  • Taming the Maelstrom

    Advice to newcomers on how to cope with continual upheaval in web development, featuring a brief history of how we got here, why change a good thing, and techniques they can adopt to stay current without losing sleep.

  • How to be Fast

    A holistic view - from assets to infrastructure - of performance for PWAs A presentation for Code First: Girls given at Ticketmaster in 2016

  • What these do? Tooling for beginners

    A lightning talk on tooling for beginners given at Twitter

  • How to get a job (that you love)

    Advice for a new generation