Note Board:

Save information like sticky notes

Multiple boards 

Create the boards you want for better organization. Move notes between boards.
HTML Editor

Create notes with images, links and the HTML content you want with the HTML editor.
Draw Notes

Draw notes and pictures

Browser extensions

Capture web content and save it like a note with the chrome or firefox extension.
Public Boards - Gallery Page

 When board's visibility is set to public, it is viewable by anyone, but nobody will be able to change the contents of the board except yourself. Visit the gallery to see examples.

Share Boards

Share boards with friends and let them write access rights or read-only.
Create video or pdf notes
Save a youtube or a pdf url and the note will embed the video or the pdf.
Android and iOS app

Android and iOS app syncronized with the web.  
Free app in google play,  in Itunes

Popup Notes

With the extensions popup notes remains in the same place even after restart the computer

Note Board

By Oscar de Dios

Note Board

Explaining how it works Note Board.

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