Martin Luther King 

Although Dr. King was one of the greatest Americans whose impact on the U.S. history can hardly be underestimated, more and more students tend to write rather trivial essays on Martin Luther King.
Certainly, we agree that many Dr. King-related issues, his deeds, works, and ideas are frequently discussed and well studied. It really can be pretty challenging to take a fresh look and write an exclusive Dr. Martin Luther King essay.
Yet, let write my essay company try to help you and explain what you should do to prepare an outstanding essay on Martin Luther King. We offer you to choose “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” as the central idea of your essay. This is how you should approach this important document.

Summarizing the Letter
Needless to say, your work on the essay on Martin Luther King should start with a careful examination of the Letter. Read it several times and make a summary. Just write down on a piece of paper the main points of the Letter. We advise you to pay special attention to steps that Dr. King suggests to take in times of conflict and then include this in your essay on Martin Luther King.
Try to put yourself into Dr. King’s shoes
To write an impressive essay on Martin Luther King, you need to understand how he felt, what it was like for him to be arrested and imprisoned. His protests were about to fail. Dr. King did not know what to do next. How are his feelings reflected in the Letter? Explain this in your essay on Martin Luther King.

A revolutionary document
“Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is considered a revolutionary document. To prove this in your essay on Martin Luther King, first discuss the situation and period when it was written. Second, explain how those historical conditions affected the genre of the Letter.
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