.NET Package Management:    NuGet and Beyond


Rick Tuttle


Package Management

  • Package: code you want in your project
  • Registry: public repository of packages
  • Package Manager: gets the stuff for you and puts it in your project

You have used one of these...

  • Windows Update
  • Web Platform Installer
  • rpm (RedHat)
  • apt-get (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Homebrew (Mac OS X)
  • App Store

ASP.NET Adoption of Web Tooling and OSS

  • 2007: MVC (Rails)
  • 2010 NuGet (Ruby gems)
  • Scaffolding
  • Node, NPM, Bower, Grunt/Gulp

Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

- Steve Jobs


  • nuget.org
  • Part of Visual Studio
  • Package Manager Console
  • Package Manager Dialog
  • Can deliver front/back end components
  • Best for .NET Components

Adding a NuGet Package

  • Package contents downloaded to packages folder
  • References added to binaries
  • Support files added to project
  • Web.config parameters added

NuGet Demo

(and a little choco)

We Have Issues

  • NuGet works great for .NET binaries
  • Not so good for front-end components
  • Files get added to project inconsistently
  • We need more control!


  • bower.io
  • Requires Node, npm, git
  • Can be used in alongside Nuget
  • Manage your javascript, css, font assets


  • Server runtime built with Javascript
  • Can be used as a harness to run front end utilities like bower, grunt, gulp, yeoman, etc.
  • Install on Win or Mac using an install executable/dmg
  • OR install with Chocolatey


  • Node Package Manager
  • Use it to install software that "runs in" Node.js
  • Even if not using Node.js for your project you use NPM to manage your "tooling" to build your project


  • Installs packages in your project
  • Front-end Assets like JS, CSS, Fonts
  • Uses public registry like NuGet except WAY more packages/projects available
  • Gets source from github repos
  • Manage versions
  • Flexible configuration

Bower + Gulp

  • Manage the versions of your front-end assets with Bower
  • Use Gulp to add your .js and .css <script> includes
  • Use Gulp for minification, combining scripts, running tests, cache busting!
  • Grunt is another alternative

Bower + Gulp Demo

The Future's So Bright...

  • ASP.NET 5 and VS 2015
  • Node, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp
  • You're in control bro, rock on!
  • OMG. I'm in control. Bruh.

Some References

  • John Papa - Pluralsight - Javascript Build Automation with Gulp
  • Channel 9 - Build 2015 Mads Kristensen - Modern Web Tooling in Visual Studio 2015
  • docs.asp.net




Rick Tuttle


Package Management in .NET

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Package Management in .NET

.NET Package Management: NuGet and Beyond

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