Today, flying drones are used by many professionals in various ways. From toy drones to high-end quadcopters, you can find a huge variety of these high-tech devices.

The Live Video Camera Drone is a high-end remote controlled quadcopter that transmits live video information to a smartphone from up to one-third mile distance. The device is characterized by its unique design, function, and diverse uses. A number of built-in features and utilities make it a useful user-friendly technological tool.


The Live Video Camera Drone has a toy-like quadcopter structure with four small propellers. Each propeller is mounted on a plastic arm with red stripes on the front. The device has attached feet to keep it away from the ground when not in flight.

The camera hangs below and moves with the gimbal to counteract any shakiness and create the right balance for capturing the image or video. The hardware that supplies the power to the device is placed on the above flat compartment where the microSD card is also inserted.


The device is constantly controlled using a remote control for stable flight. The device’s flight system manages all four propellers simultaneously allowing it to hover steadily or stay on ground while you take pictures or record videos from the device.

The highly functional control featured in the device can help you learn easy flying and maneuvering without consistent smashing into the ground.

The battery life of this device isn’t really great. The rechargeable battery allows 25 minutes flight with full charge. However, recharging the battery using the included AC adapter is easy and convenient.

The device also features a built in firmware that prevents the copter from entering the restricted space.


The camera is a tiny lens mounted on the helicopter. It is not a high quality image producer but it is an excellent device to deliver reasonable images and videos. With drone’s flexible flying capabilities, these cameras are considered the best tool to get images and record videos from unexpected positions that are unachievable otherwise.

The built in 14 mp camera in the quadcopter captures photos at 4384 x 3288 pixel resolution and records 1080p high definition videos. With up to 35 degree of tilt flexibility and 110 degree of field vision, the camera lets you capture the images and record videos in virtually any environment.

Once you have captured the image or recorded video, the camera saves the file in the included 4GB microSD that allows convenient retrieval of photos and videos in the future.

Flying drones are often used for fun and entertainment. However, their recent use to catch bird’s eye view photos and videos has added to the value of these advanced technological devices.


By Patrick Dewn


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