Mapping the DSL

with d3.js

Paul Vieth, DSL Graduate Research Assistant

special thanks to:

Tara Carlisle


Sarah Clayton

for their advice, instruction, and

. . .

. . . email metadata

DSL dendrogram

Tara dendrogram

Sarah dendrogram

DSL radial tree

Tara radial tree

Sarah radial tree

Tara Collapsible Tree

Sarah Collapsible Tree

DSL zoomable pack bubbles

Tara Zoomable Pack Bubbles

Sarah zoomable pack bubbles

DSL sunburst

Tara sunburst

Sarah sunburst

DSL streamgraph

Tara streamgraph

Sarah streamgraph

DSL stacked bar

Tara stacked bar

Sarah stacked bar

DSL force network

Tara force network

Sarah force network

DSL edge bundle

DSL chord diagram

DSL bubble chart

Tara bubble chart

Sarah Bubble Chart

Tara treemap

Sarah treemap


By Paul Kelley Vieth