Peter Chamberlin


A brief history of Responsive News

LdnWebPerf - 8th December 2015, pt1

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 Responsive News

 Innovative RWD

Tom Maslen


"The increasing popularity of mobile web browsing, and the availability of responsive web design has forced my team to refactor how we think a modern webpage should be built."

Cutting the Mustard

Mark McDonnell


"Here at BBC News we have found this approach provides us a good flexible foundation to incorporate responsive images without resorting to un-stable and un-implemented official solutions or polyfills."


David Blooman


"The amount of time spent testing for CSS regressions can be lengthy if you don't automate, looking at devices and different browser resolutions can be a drag on testing.

By using this tool, we have cut our testing time down dramatically..."


We made it

John Cleveley


"After almost 4 years, 5000 pull requests from 50 contributors, we’ve migrated the BBC News site to a totally new stack. We now have a single code base for all devices, in 30 different languages thanks to RWD."

Responsive to all users - March 2015

 Election 2015

 Award winners

2015 -Team of the year

 Performance is integral

  • Cutting the mustard
  • Progressive enhancement w/ AJAX
  • Only download what you will use
  • Make the page usable as early as possible
  • Avoid DOM redraws

"Moving Swiftly" - Maslen, 2012

 Growing pains

  • Desktop parity on /news
  • Roll out to 32 sites, in 27 languages
  • Advertising for international visitors
  • Two navigation strategies

Difficult problems deferred

  • Desktop and Responsive teams merge
  • Development across both codebases
  • Page components we didn't control

Organisational complexity

 Performance at launch

  • We knew we had compromised speed
  • We needed visibility of the issues
  • So we undertook a performance audit

A brief history of Responsive News

By Peter Chamberlin

A brief history of Responsive News

A performance-focused primer on the BBC's Responsive News project. Written for LdnWebPerf, 8th Dec 2015.

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