Shapeshifting for your data

A library for turning things into other things

Factored out from the blaze project

"Oh, so it's a set of converters"

So is LLVM

Say "converter" one more time

Handles a huge variety of conversions

>>> odo([1, 2, 3], tuple)
(1, 2, 3)

list » tuple

Simple things ...

>>> odo('hive://hostname/default::users_csv',
...     'hive://hostname/default::users_parquet',
...     stored_as='PARQUET', external=False)
<an eternity later ...
 sqlalchemy.Table repr>

Hive CSV » Hive Parquet

More complex things ...

odo is cp with types, for data

How do I go from X to Y in the most efficient way ...

... without explicitly writing down each conversion?

DataFrame » Hive

For example ...

I know how to do this:

DataFrame » CSV


... and this:

CSV » Hive

load data
local infile '/path/to/file.csv'
into table mytable;

Odo gives you this:

DataFrame » CSV » Hive


... and with uniform syntax

>>> odo(df,
...     'hive://hostname/default::tablename')

How about something more involved?

JSON in S3 » postgres

How would we do this?

  • JSON S3 » Local temp file
    • boto.get_bucket().get_contents_to_filename()
  • Local temp file » DataFrame
    • pandas.read_json()
  • DataFrame » CSV
    • DataFrame.to_csv()
  • CSV » postgres
    • copy t from '/path/to/file.csv'
          delimiter ','
          header TRUE

The odo way

>>> odo('s3://mybucket/path/to/data.json',
...     'postgresql://user:passwd@localhost:port/db::data')

Each step is usually easy

... but the whole thing

How does it work?

Through a network of conversions

Each node is a type (DataFrame, list, sqlalchemy.Table, etc...)

Each edge is a conversion function

The full monty ...

It's extensible!

from odo import convert
from pyspark.sql import DataFrame as SparkDataFrame

@convert(pd.DataFrame, SparkDataFrame)
def frame_to_frame(spark_frame, **kwargs):
    return spark_frame.toPandas()




Get it

  • conda install odo
  • pip install odo


By Phillip Cloud


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