• Python?

  • Endian-ness

    Filler Talk

  • ILUGD talk template

    This slide can be used as template for speakers at ILUGD meetup

  • Internet's own Delivery Boy

    This lightning talk is about Content Delivery Network, how it works, its history and RFC guidelines for the same.

  • Torrenting the Torrents

    Before Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar, there was an era where we all used to torrent our favorite movies and games. Ever wonder, how does the torrent work and who streams them? Let's find out here.

  • FLOSSING the Git!

    A filler talk on how open source evolved over time and how git came into picture. The skills that can be useful to start contributing in open source, both technical and non-technical.

  • Tic Tac Talk!`

    A meta talk on the importance of presenting talks at meetup and the secrets of a good and complete talk.

  • Linux at Equilibrium

    I forgot what I was trying to make, but it was something interesting when I first made this title slide

  • Techniques used by Machines

    College presentation on Machine Learning Techniques used in industry.

  • Analog Text Search

    About a dropped or WIP project Analog Text search

  • SUSE Package Hub

    Project presentation for SUSE Package Hub, a community based software package repository.

  • Keyring-s?

  • Software Packaging

    Basics of Software packaging, its importance and the real life analogies for the same. How can one start packaging the softwares.

  • Chroot, Debootstrap,

  • HealthChain!

  • Dhwani

    The flagship project my Sangrh (collection)

  • Public Key Cryptography

  • Piping & Redirection

    The sword to Linux Jedi, the techniques of every Linux Ninja. Piping and Redirection

  • Me

    About me!

  • IRC

    IRC is one of the oldest communication protocol still used by many developers and open source communities. This talk will be an introduction to how this protocol works in most general way.