Problem Statement!

  • Present system is not good in terms of analyzing health issues across the state.
  • No central¬† health records.
  • No active participation of local doctors , laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers.

Some Facts!

  • "Rajasthan is leading among states having highest deaths due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in the country in 2016, a national study, 'India: Health of the Nation's States'." ¬† [Source: TOI]
  • "60 deaths due to seasonal diseases this year in Rajasthan" [Source: Internet]

Why HealthChain?

  • To keep track of the health record of whole rajasthan.
  • Analysis of different health problems in different region
  • To analytically handle any future epidemic to prevent more damage.
  • To eliminate disease specific to any district and can stop it from spreading to other district.

Our Solution!

  • Using Bhamashah service, health record of users will be fetched using bhamashah api.
  • Various health checkup constraints like BMI, platelets, and previous medical history will be linked for every bhamashah users.
  • Then, our smart algorithm, calculates¬† a Health-Score Index.

That's not all!

  • With indexed records for every bhamashah, a health indexed based map will be generated, marking the districts that needs more medical attention and special treatment.
  • Using these analyzed data, we can prevent any epidemic from district to district.
  • We can implement different medical procedures to eliminate different health issues.

Health Indexing Rajasthan


By Mohit Bansal


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