Techniques used by Machines

To Learn

Machine and Learning?

Yes, you heard it right!


Machine these days are capable to learn, and what's more interesting is that they are doing a great job

But How?

Thanks to the wonders of computers

Machine learns in a similar ways as we human do

  • with the help of Data


  • without data.

With Data

  • When the machine learns with the help of data set or guidance, the learning is called, Supervised Learning.

  • Similar to humans, machines are instructed to generate certain output for input based on the learning techniques used. (Later)

Without Data

  • When Machine Learns based on the technique only, with no external guidance, this is known as Unsupervised Learning.



Learning System, input, output, tutor and all with diagram


  • The components of a machine learning system mainly consists of,

    • Input (Can be data or instructions)

    • Algorithm (Technique used to Learn)

    • Output (The conclusion made by the machine)

    • Actuators and Sensors, included creates learning system


We all have our method to learn, so do these machines!

  • PCA
  • Random Forest
  • SVM
  • Neural Netoworks
  • Naive Bayes
  • KNN
  • Kmeans
  • Bagging boosting
  • Kernel
  • Everyone, among humans, uses certain methods to learn things.

  • These techniques can differ with others.

  • Similarly, Machines uses different techniques to learn based on the circumstances.

  • Techniques used by Machines include,

    • Neural network

    • SVM

    • KNN

    • K-Means

    • And so on,


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Techniques used by Machines

By Mohit Bansal

Techniques used by Machines

College presentation on Machine Learning Techniques used in industry.

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