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About Me!

  • Final Year Undergraduate
  • Open Source Lover
  • Loves to Tinker with my system
  • openSUSE and Mozilla contributor
  • Loves to Read and Travel

SUSE Package Hub

Community Project Repository for SLE

Don't know what I am talking about?

Don't worry!


  • Community Driven
  • Open Source
  • SUSE Approved
  • Free as in freedom and Money as well
  • Always There!

Software Packages?

  • Are the files that you install on your system
  • Those mysterious .deb, .rpm files are packages

Let's start with the basics!

Computer Program

  • Set of instructions to do one task.
  • Simple to code and understand.
  • Easy to share and run.

Computer Software

  • Set of programs to perform a set of tasks.
  • Complex to code and understand.
  • Difficult to share and run on different systems.

In Simple terms, ...






Documentation and Manuals

Why didn't I know that before?


  • Software Packages
  • Documentation
  • Community of helpful developers

Software Package

  • is an archive of all program binaries

  • that consists of documentation for users

  • installation instruction for package manager

  • They keep all the relevant files for a software at one place

Software Package





Program Binaries
Meta Data
Documentation and Manuals


Project Repository

  • Repositories are basically file servers
  • That contains a set of packages
  • And serves the package manager
  • Like a directory where you keep all your pictures etc.

Package Manager

  • Think of a package manager like a mobile app store.
  • It finds, download and install software for you
  • It makes the life of users easy

So, how does it all work?

  • Query by Package manager
  • Response from Repository
  • Verification by package manager
  • Download
  • Unpack
  • And Install

The software installation!

And You won't have to worry about anything else!


Open Build Service


  • Build Service used by openSUSE to build packages
  • Available to all
  • Free to use
  • Can build for majority of systems and architecture
  • Web Interface as well Command Line Interface

OSC, command line tool

  • Can access OBS service via its API
  • Easy to use

Let's make it!

Make a package on your using OBS

Need help?

The best part of open source is "Community"

No matter what, community will always be there to help you out.





  • John Mertic
  • Wolfgang Engel
  • openSUSE community
  • Local Communities like ILUGD and Pydelhi

Thank You!

SUSE Package Hub

By Mohit Bansal

SUSE Package Hub

Project presentation for SUSE Package Hub, a community based software package repository.

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