The most popular slot machines: what to play in 2021?

Each year, the developers of gaming software create about 80 slot games. Some machines are endowed with the classic qualities of standard slot machines. They are similar to Monkeys and Fruity Shakes. Other slots have new features and embedded advanced technology. Even the graphics of these machines is significantly different from the classic versions. Consider the most popular versions of slots to play in detail.

Slots 2021: overview and features

All bugs in the machines of the last century were easily written off to the lack of technology. Today this chip will not pass. There are enough technologies to create advanced slot machines with any functionality. Therefore, modern companies carefully traced their 3D models, as well as write short scripts for gambling. Simply spinning the reels to casino customers is clearly not enough anymore. The more complex the technology, the longer they are tested for possible errors. Now the standard tests of a single slot take 2-3 months. Some programs are tested for much longer.

The output is an advanced model of slots, which can be played indefinitely. Recent innovations are almost completely devoid of jackpot. But small incentives and bonuses in the programs as abundant as possible. Big winnings are rare and are not enough of a motivator to play at the casino.

Top 10 most popular slot machines

In the top ten today include the following slots:

  • Vampire Senpai;
  • Back to Venus;
  • Riches of Robin;
  • Wild Pops;
  • Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead;
  • Aus Dem Tal;
  • Dream Zone.

All of the above "one-armed bandits" have excellent graphics, intuitive functionality and excellent returns. Their visual effects and storyline meet the requirements of the present time.

What's new in today's slots?

New slot machines differ from the classics by their visual effects. Pictures, like in a computer game, makes the process of spinning the reel even more exciting. Character animation and quality voice acting is also a feature of the best slots. From the first seconds of the game picture captures the user's attention and does not let go until the end.

Risk game has also been upgraded. The player now gets into it, can choose from a greater number of options. Instead of jackpots appeared Avalanche and Respin. Free spins, wild symbols and various rewards pop up on the playing field more often than before. So the developers motivate the player for a long game. Updated functionality has already come to the liking of testers games, it remains to wait for feedback from real gamblers.

It's all in the story

Game without a story - an empty job. Such a game has time to get bored before the money runs out on the deposit. Plot games help you dive into the world of gambling. By gambling software recently added videos that tell the story of the characters and their storyline. This is very much the interest of players to the new slots.

Payout percentages and slot payout

More than anything else, casino customers are interested in the payout of game slots. The current machines have a payout percentage ranging from 95 to 98%. Anything below that, the players are not interested. After all, the percentage affects the likelihood of a big win, as well as the frequency with which the machine gives the player a small amount.

To check these figures, you can use the demo version of the slot. With free credits it becomes clear whether the RTP corresponds to the declared level or not. Demo version of the game also helps to master the functionality of the machine. It helps to build a game strategy depending on certain features of the slot.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2021, the gambling industry is experiencing a fairy tale. Virtual casinos can barely cope with the influx of new users. People want to relax, distract themselves from their problems with a fun game. Some of them see online gambling as an opportunity to make money in hard times. These circumstances have contributed to increased competition between the developers of gambling software. Every company wants to outdo the competition in every way. This is how slots are born, which can go down in the history of the gambling industry as unprecedented novelties, which in time will take the place of the golden classics.

The most popular slot machines: what to play in 2021?

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The most popular slot machines: what to play in 2021?

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