Laravel Equivalent in Javascript

What is Laravel?

  • Open source web framework
  • Written in PHP
  • Follows MVC pattern

What does Laravel provide?

  • Simple and fast routing engine
  • Powerful dependency injector container
  • Easy creation of REST API
  • Expressive and intuitive database ORM
  • Better database schema migrations
  • Robust background job processing
  • Real Time event broadcasting
  • Easy to scale
  • Email based and social authentication

Why shift to a JS alternative?

  • Another language to learn for JS devs
  • Extra learning curve with Laravel
  • Requirements of the use case
  • React in the backend
  • PWAs with Next.js or React with SSR
  • Sending data on the wire

What options do we have?

  • Next.js
  • Meteor
  • React SSR with Firebase


  • Server rendered React apps.
  • Minimalistic
  • Close to zero learning curve for Node and React developers.
  • Easy routing using <Link/> Component or next/router
  • Supports router events
  • Page prefetching
  • Dynamic imports
  • Custom error handling
  • Static HTML export


  • Easy to learn
  • Faster development
  • Good database integration
  • Integrates well with other JS libraries
  • Front end reactivity


  • Deployment
  • Crash Handling
  • Scaling


Laravel Equivalent in Javascript

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Laravel Equivalent in Javascript

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