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  • Trade, Access to Knowledge, and Digital Rights

  • Consumer Protection, Digital Rights, and "Consumer Welfare"

  • Internet Infrastructure and Competition

  • Limits of Competition Policies in Digital Markets

  • The Digital Disruption of Competition Law

  • Copy of Rights, Governance, and Trade-Offs

    Slides for the talk at Dejusticia.

  • Rights, Governance, and Trade-Offs

    Slides for the "Rights, Governance, and Trade Offs" talk at Fundación Karisma.

  • Trade-Offs in Governance and Rights

  • The Known Unknowns: What We Don’t Know About Mitigating the Harms of Openness

  • Clearing Misconceptions: Aadhaar and Privacy

  • Invisible Censorship: Dejusticia

  • Copy of Securing Bengaluru's Digital Future

  • Securing Bengaluru's Digital Future

  • Opening Up the Yangon Government

  • Copy of Opening up Government

  • Opening up Government

  • Digital Security for Parliamentarians

  • Zero-Rating: Real/Imagined Harms

  • deck

  • Regulatory Frameworks for Net Neutrality

  • Surveillance in India:

  • Digital Security for Journalists

  • invisible-censorship-republica

  • IANA transition: to fear or not to fear