Freedom of Expression and Internet Governance at CIS

Project Overview

Kicked off in February/March 2014.

Reports submitted in March 2014, September 2014, and May 2015.


Project Overview

Involvement in Domestic Debates

  • Shreya Singhal judgment
  • Website blocking
  • Pornography ban
  • Net neutrality
  • Encryption policy
  • Inputs to government on IG

Involvement in Domestic Policy

  • Submissions to the government on:
    • IANA Transition
    • WHOIS
    • ICANN's Strategic Plan
    • Position on IG and MSism at IGF
    • Net neutrality

Proactive Research

  • Free Speech Portal
  • .IN Domain Name Policy
  • Governance of NIXI
  • Free Speech & Net Neutrality
  • Civil Defamation
  • Contempt of Court
  • FOEx Live Series

Research and Submissions to International Debates

  • NetMundial
    • Original Analysis
    • Transparency & Accountability
    • IANA Transition
    • WHOIS
    • Human Rights
  • WSIS + 10

Proactive Analysis of International Development & IG

  • Zero-rating
  • Invisible censorship
  • Multistakeholder governance
  • Intermediary liability
  • Marco Civil
  • APNIC Transparency


Both Jyoti Panday and Geetha Hariharan are being invited to write in the popular press, to contribute to academic blogs, and have produced academic articles.

Geetha was asked by APC to train other NGOs on digital human rights.



By Pranesh Prakash