From Event Storming To Working Code


# Big Picture

Event Storming

First Event


What is the goal?

Tell A Story

What needs to happen, to achieve the goal?

Order By Time

What happens when?

Group By Context

What belongs together?

Explore The Domain

What are the details?

Identify Hot Spots

Highlight important questions, that can't be answered now!

# Collaborative Modelling

Team Collaboration

Discuss and experiment. Define requirements. Describe User Stories.


And ...

Realtime Code Gen

Hand over design to a coding bot and let it generate working code!


Say Hello to Cody

Cody is a coding bot. You provide the design, he turns it into working code. 


Trigger Cody

Design the flow

(Using Event Storming by default)

Set Metadata

(Custom Templates supported)

Trigger Cody

(Interactive console)

Cody Server

Local HTTP Server

(with write access to project)


- Event: Name, Metadata ...

- Connected sources, targets

- ...

Generate Code

Cody Response

Cody Response




Custom Style

Cody Error

TypeScript Preset

CQRS / Event Sourcing Boilerplate 

EventEngine Preset

CQRS / Event Sourcing Boilerplate 

DIY - Own Flow

Custom #proophboard sticky types and colors

Custom #proophboard sticky metadata templates

DIY - Cody Server

Can be written in any language within a day

Just a simple HTTP server handling a few different requests

DIY - Coding Bot

Simple hooks called by HTTP server that can do whatever you want. Unified Cody Response Format. That's it!

So any language, architectural style and framework can be used. It's only limited by your imagination!

Visual Programming

By prooph

Visual Programming

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