deno is the new node


Ryan Dahl


July 2018



Node is like nails on chalkboard to me


Node.js - History

Created in 2009.


Server Side Javascript even if single-threaded.


Built on V8.


Ecosystem for a project.

Node.js is a mess

Node.js - Security

absolutely no permission management


your linter shouldn't get complete access to your computer and network


monkey patch is easy + script executions


vulnerable by design

Node.js - Simplicity

modules management with npm

Node.js - Simplicity

Every node project has a




It's boilerplate noise

Node.js - Compatibility

Build system depends on GYP which was dropped by the Chrome team for GN


No browser compatibility


A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript

TypeScript support

deno run hello.ts

Promise API

Security by default

--allow-all | -A

Remote execution

deno --allow-read ~/.bashrc

Module management

ES modules only (bye bye require)


import from url


caching system

Standard modules


Browser compatibility

Wasm Support


whenever you're designing a program, if a feature is cute but not necessary, don't include it

V1.0 May 13, 2020

Deno is the new Node

By pwnh4

Deno is the new Node

In this rump, we introduce deno a possible replacement for Node.js

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