Amusement Parks in Islamabad: Top Choice

Islamabad is a beautiful place and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. Internationally, it came into the spotlight as it made the list of the top ten most beautiful capitals of the world. The city is one of the very few planned cities in the country. Lists ranking the beauty of a place are, at best, subjective, but that does not demerit the beauty of a city. Anyways, there are a number of places in Islamabad that can be visited when on tour, but right now, I want to talk about some of the least talked ones, strangely enough, amusement parks. Pakistan is a land of natural wonders, and mostly, amusement parks go unnoticed. The demography of Pakistan is such that a strong family structure exists at the sub-state level. There are many options of Properties For Sale Rawalpindi. Thus amusement parks, also have a trend of being family oriented as it is good for business. So here is a list of the top amusement parks that you should visit when in the twin cities.






1.            Fun City Islamabad
One of the very few indoor amusement parks in the city that is located in Centaurus Mall, Islamabad. This indoor amusement park has loads of different activities to take part in; some of them include virtual reality and amusement rides. Several e-sports facilities are also available in the park. There are many Properties For Rent Rawalpindi which can help this fun city for publications.

2.            Playland
Playland amusement park is located in the heart of Margalla Hills with its lush green trails surrounded with beautiful trees and amidst them are swings and other equipment that can be used by children and adults both for playing and exercise respectively. This park is one of the lesser known recreational facilities in the area and thus has a small number of people visiting it. 


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