Or how to love your past self.


This is my approach. It's subjective and use it with caution.

What makes a good doc?

  1. Make it re-readable. People will go through it more than once and not re-reading everything would be a good way of saving time.
  2. Make it simple. Do not use tech-savvy words, include all definitions, and be business-specific.
  3. Make it useful. If you think that there are other resources you would like to include, it is better to link them rather than copy them.
  4. Make it yours. Find your style, use colors, adjust indentation... Do it once and use everywhere!


Here is the link.

One last tip

If you want to make it work, there can be only one person who takes care of it.

Others can comment or even suggest changes.
But only you can make it uniform.

You are in charge.



By Radosław Miernik


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