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  • FUEL Project is a fastest growing open standard of localization field.
  • FUEL project is collaborating with c.60 languages world wide to build open standard for localization making it the single largest repository of linguistic resources of the world.
  • FUEL is the building blocks of localization


  • First project  in FOSS world for language resource
  • Reference standard in Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India
  • The project is supported by Red Hat, C-DAC, Wikimedia Foundation,  Govt of Maharahstra, ICFOSS, to name a few
  • FUEL Project enabled transparent, incremental, inclusive and consistent collaboration in order to ensure that revisions to the terminology and glossary


  • FUEL has three module : fuel-desktop, fuel-mobile, fuel-web
  • All three module is aligned with what is needed for Mozilla product translation like browser, FirefoxOS, Webmaker, SuMo, Fennec etc
  • All desktop module evaluated also except Urdu
  • Need work on Mobile and Web module, mobile is very imp


  • Translation style and convention guide is very imp resources needed for localization
  • mozilla drivers also given stress on availability of community style guide
  • currently we have style guide in Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia
  • Work is going for Marathi, Maithili and few other langs, Huda also came forward to help for Style Guide
  • A great resources for localization, please take reference


  • Unicode Text Rendering Reference System
  • The Unicode Text Rendering Reference System (UTRRS) is a open source web-based application which compares a rendered text character with a reference image of a text character, for comparison of differences between the two.
  • UTRRS development instance please visit:
    UTRRS production instance please visit:
  • It can be used to test the rendering of chars for different applications


  • Translation Quality Assessment Matrix
  • In order to keep aligned with our primary objective of bringing consistency and standards for the localization content, FUEL provides terminologies and style guides. To guage the quality of the localized content, FUEL brings Translation Quality Assessment Matrix, shortly called as TQAM.
  • This web based application can be used for testing the translation.  Please visit TQAM
  • VCM - Visual Comparison Method aka Screenshot Comparison Method
  • For detail for VCM visit here

Translating Mozilla

  • As per community consensus please use fuel terminology
  • Take reference from FUEL translation style and convention guide
  • Test your translation via TQAM
  • Use Visual Comparison Method to take feedback of translation from larger community
  • Use UTRRS to test rendering
  • Take help from FUEL knowledge content



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Mozilla n FUEL

By Rajesh Ranjan

Mozilla n FUEL

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