Kinds of Horse Riding

Kinds of Horse Riding


  • English Style Horse Riding

  • Western Style Horse Riding

  • Group Style Horse Riding

  • Overall

English Style Horse Riding

  This kind of horse riding is different from the other two kinds, because this style requires a lot of ability, endurance, and discipline.

  Some basic English horse riding forms are:

  • Hunting
  • English Pleasure
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Saddle Seat

Western Style Horse Riding

If we compare western style horse riding with English-style horse riding, then we get to know that this specific kind of horse riding mostly prefers those horses, who have, the faster learning ability, whereas in English horse riding the horses are selected on the basis of their endurance and speed.

Some common forms of western style horse riding are:

  • Reining
  • Trail Riding
  • Barrel Racing

Group Style Horse Riding

  One of the common style of horse riding is group riding, where there are number of players or riders riding together and their main motive is to achieve the goal by completing the race or phase.

  Some common forms of group style horse riding are:

  • Polo
  • Horseball
  • Driving


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Also, I’ve mentioned some basic forms of these specific horse riding styles

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