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About Me

  • Rishi Goomar
  • Front End Engineer at Uptake
  • Weekly newsletter about Meteor - "This Week in Meteor"

What is Meteor?

  • Open source platform for building web and mobile applications in JavaScript
  • Built to power the next generation of apps
    • Rich user interfaces
    • Collaborative multi-user applications
    • Cross-platform Apps (web, iOS, Android, etc.)
    • Fast Development & Iteration


  • LiveQuery - Realtime database queries
  • DDP - Subscribe to changes in the database
  • MiniMongo - Run database queries on the client
  • Tracker - Rerun functions when data changes
  • Blaze - Keep the view up-to-date with your data

How Modern Apps Look & Feel

  • Data changes in real-time
  • Easy to use
  • Consistent experience across platforms
  • Examples: Uber, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Focus on your app's unique features instead of wrangling with network code, web sockets, basic login system, etc. 
  •  Meteor's Goal: 
    Facebook-quality apps without Facebook's money

Old Tools Don't Work for Modern Apps

  • Modern apps server data, not HTML

  • Modern apps shouldn't need a refresh button

  • Rails, Django, PHP,, etc. are difficult to adapt to the new model

Why Choose Meteor?

Powerful Package System

  • Easy to use

  • Allows BOTH client and server code
    • Examples: Full blog support, account login / register interfaces, etc.

  • Over  6000 packages available!
meteor add user:package-name

Simplicity Equals Productivity

  • Faster Prototypes
    • Develop a MVP (Minimal Viable Product)
    • More time for user feedback and testing
  • People are more productive when they know they are making headway on a project

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

  • User Authentication & Security
    • Login buttons / interfaces
  • Offline Synchronization
  • File compilation and minification
    • No need for a build tool like Grunt or Gulp
  • Client-side vs Server-side collection management
    • Why bother with offline browser data? 

Meteor's Architecture

App Demo

Example Apps

  • Todos - A full-featured todo list app

  • Local Market - a mobile social engagement app
 meteor create --example todos
 meteor create --example localmarket

Businesses Built on Meteor

Growing Rapidly

  • Over 150 meetup groups around the world
  • Over 6000 community-authored packages
  • Discover Meteor has made over $300,000 in book sales 
    (as of Sept. 2014)
  • Ranked #10 most starred on GitHub (right behind Rails)
  • $20M more in funding in 2015 ($31M total)

Learning Meteor

  • Official Meteor Tutorial
  • Discover Meteor Book (for 20% off)
  • Stack Overflow, tagged "Meteor"
  • Official Meteor Docs
  • This Week in Meteor -

Intro to Meteor

By Rishi Goomar

Intro to Meteor

This a slide deck to use in an "Introduction to Meteor" talk

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