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Group Presentation


What is Slack?

  • Slack is a "messaging app for teams"
  • Group conversations
  • Allows for easy search
  • File sharing

Sounds like email.


Problems with email

  • Email requires a balance of keeping people in the loop, and flooding their inboxes.
  • Requires careful use of cc to keep everyone in the conversation.
  • Easy to lose emails - e.g. hermes file limit.
  • Easy to miss replies in long email chains.
  • Easy to overlook relevant emails from the past.

Slack solves these problems

  • Much easier to find conversations that are relevant to you
  • Everything is automatically saved.
  • The conversation chain is easy to follow.
  • Everything is indexed, and a quick search will pick up anything previously mentioned.


  • Groups
  • Sharing
  • Personal messages
  • Search


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