IBM Cloud


Some Facts

Some Facts

  • 24,000+ clients

  • 150 countries

  • 100,000 active servers

  • > 20 million domains

  • $350 million in annual revenue

Some Facts

Some Facts

OnPrem vs Iaas vs PaaS vs SaaS

OnPrem vs Iaas vs PaaS vs SaaS

Open Standards

IBM Bluemix

The Digital Innovation Platform

Runtime Plugins





through Plugins



The Reference Architecture for Scalable Microservices

Do it yourself!

IBM Cloud Free Tier:

20 GB Hadoop, 50 GB Apache Spark 20 GB CouchDB, 500 MB MongoDB, 1 GB DB2, ElasticSearch, Node.js, Liberty, PHP, Python, Go, R, Scala, JavaEE, ...
2 GB RAM DOCKER, 500 MB RAM  CloudFoundry, 12 GB RAM - 80 GB HD, 8vCores OpenStack

Program for Startups, 24K - 120K US$

Program for Students and Faculties -> All for free :)


IBM Cloud

By Romeo Kienzler

IBM Cloud

A short overview on IBM Cloud

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