• deck

  • AWS and Docker

    Discussion on the current state of using Docker in the Amazon cloud. February 2017

  • Docker Swarm Mode

    Discussion of the new embedded Docker Swarm available as of Docker 1.12.0.

  • Unified Log Stream

    The thinking behind a unified log stream and possible applications.

  • Rancher

    Overview of Rancher and RancherOS

  • Tour of Spring Cloud

    An overview of the Spring Cloud set of libraries. All examples are drawn from working code.

  • Automated Docker Deployment

    Possible automated deployment pipeline for Docker containers.

  • Amazon EC2 Container Registry

    Amazon EC2 Container Registry

  • Docker Scheduling With Nomad

    How Nomad can be used to schedule Docker containers in on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Cloud Design Patterns for AWS

    A summary of the patterns described in the book "Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS"

  • Bamboo and ECS

    How to meld Bamboo and Amazon's Elastic Container Service.

  • DigitalOcean

    Overview of the DigitalOcean IaaS

  • monitoring

    Proposal for application monitoring and diagnostic solutions

  • Fronting RabbitMQ Services with REST

    How ETrade uses REST to access RabbitMQ -based services

  • Lambda Architecure

  • AWS Cheat Sheet

    My description