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Which Monkey?


Managing code


Managing Everything else

DB & Files Manual option
  1. track down server creds
  2. mysql dump
  3. scp sql file
  4. scrub sql  (insert scary stories)
  5. import
  6. ignore files or rsync
  7. reset dev environment
  8. time : way too long

slow, error prone, dangerous, scary

Everything Else take 2

DB & Files Drush option

$> drush sync-site

time : MUCH faster

safer, more secure, easier, betterer

files : sync-files OR stage_file_proxy

What you need

  1. drush server aliases : $> drush @prod cc all
  2. structure/skip tables array : (note on wildcards)
  3. drush command aliases : so this
    $> drush sql-dump --structure-tables-key=common+springboard --skip-tables-key=common
     -- becomes --
    $> drush get-db
  4. custom drush commands : $> drush go-local
  5. settings.php adjustment : store dev/staging/prod settings in the repo, but still hide local

where to get it

Overview and explanation

Github repo

Look at the code


  1. Find a project that needs better workflow
  2. Get & customize the drush setup
  3. Get & customize the settings files
  4. Commit to your repo
  5. Use drush like a pro


Teach someone else


Drush Workflow

By Ron Northcutt

Drush Workflow

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