Using Javascript for mathematical and scientific computing.


I'm Rudraksh. I love math, history, snooker, kebabs and vodka. Co-founder at MathHarbor, where we're trying to make computational math and stats easy for anyone to master.

what's wrong with python? r? julia?

Oh, nothing. But they have issues.

- They're not inherently event-driven or asynchronous.
- They're server-side lingos.
- Unlike Python or Julia, Javascript is the perfect mix of objects and functions.

So...does javascript even have the tools needed for the job?

Yes. No.


- numbers.js
- Numeric Javascript
- clusterfck
- brain.js

But that's not enough.

Javascript still doesn't have a lot of support for that.

So, let's reuse!


- Compiles C/C++ to LLVM bitcode, and then to Javascript.
- Works with existing C/C++ libraries.
- We could technically compile math and science libraries to Javascript!


Simple stuff - let's compile a simple linear algebra library in C++, and run it with Node.

that seems to work.

Crank that up, yo. 

So many libraries, waiting to be recompiled!

the final frontier

- RESTify your models?
- d3.js?
- WebGL?
- NaCl?

- Cylon.js?



By Rudraksh M.K.


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