What is?

Saturn + Azure +

Fable + Elmish

Saturn + GIRAFFE

  • Functional Wrappers for ASP.Net Core
  • https://saturnframework.org/docs/
  • https://github.com/giraffe-fsharp/Giraffe/blob/master/DOCUMENTATION.md


  • F# |> Babel
  • Generates javascript from F# using babel as a transpiler.
  • Ties in heavily with the javascript ecosystem and is intended to be highly compatible.
  • https://fable.io/


  • Fable Library which combined with React/Redux provides an Elm like MVU UI development pattern.
  • Supports Hot Module Reload via Redux/Webpack
  • https://elmish.github.io/elmish/

"Wow. Ok. There is a lot going on there. "


  • F# + Bulma
  • Wrapper for the Bulma CSS framework

Safe Stack

By Ryan Kelly

Safe Stack

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