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Love this photo of your family.


Mariah, Jim and I have know your parents for over fifty years, so we knew you before you were even born.


Love to you happy happy birthday.


-Jim and Cathie Aberle

Mariah is 40, can you believe it, Knox?

I wonder if she still wears sox?

She now has two boys, do you know, sir.

Does she still use toys?  I think so, sir.


We knew her in utereo, Mr. Knox, sir.

Does that mean she has chicks or clocks, sir?

No, but, she grew to be a smart young lass,

She knew more than most in her class.


Then, she cared for our Herb.  You know him, sir.

Yes, but did she use blocks when with him, sir?

Who cares?  She became the best at Ames, sir.

We watched her play most games there, sir.

Then, she found her way to vet school, Knox.

And, became the best at chicks and fox(es).

Next, Orlando did we see her go, sir.

Where she met her love in a glow, sir.


We delighted in their vows there, Knox.

Said in the cold and without a fox.

Soon, Portland called and there they went.

On a New Year’s Eve, without a tent.


But, soon, two boys filled her life, sir.

And, we couldn’t be more delight(ed) for her, sir.


So, we remember nights on an old couch, Knox.

When Greg was tongue tied in a box.


Mariah is a favorite of ours, sir.

Please tell her she is the best of friends, to us dear.

Happy 40, can’t deny, Mr. Fox.

We wait for more times to tell her, with our sox.


Happiest of days to you!  Love you always!


- Deb and Greg

Dear Mariah, 


It's hard to believe is has been 26 years since we first met in junior high. My first memory of you was when you shared your vocal talents while performing in the school musical. Something about you really resonated with me. It didn't take long for me to tell you were the real deal. You were kind, honest, genuine and a fierce friend. That meant a lot to me, being the new kid from the other side of town.

We shared a love of art, music, and theater. We joked, talked and shared our hopes and interests for the future. I always loved your quick wit, contagious laugh and mischievous giggle. I appreciated that while our upbringings were quite different I always felt accepted when we spent time together.


When we went separate directions in high school, you were the one person I made sure to keep in contact with. Our visits over the years have always been wonderful. We never have a problem picking up right where we left off.

While our lives have busied with careers, marriage, and family; I have long considered you to be one of my dearest friends and hold you very close to my heart. I wish you nothing but the best and  look forward to seeing you again soon.

Happy Birthday Mariah! 


With love,



"she made that holiday very special"



As a baby on my couch while your mom and I studied for law school exams


As a toddler in hand going to see your dad at his accounting firm after your mom and I passed the bar exam (there could have been alcohol involved)


As a waitperson at the Columbus Day parties for many, many years


As a vet student and then vet who stayed with my horses and other animals several times and took such good care of all of them through many challenges

As a bride in Florida (a wonderful wedding) and wife of Ryan

As a mother now of Henson and Elliott

I have known you, Mariah, since before you were born – and have so many great memories over the years - I can’t believe it has been 40 years.
Happy, Happy 40th birthday, Mariah!  I wish we could be there to celebrate with you.  We will come and visit when we can travel again.  Have a wonderful party.


LuAnn & Douglas


Honor thy Toad. For she is the beginning and the middle. She rejoiced at your birth and now all the world rejoices with her.


Jaws 1:16

Mariah, I wish you a very happy birthday

I am so happy you came into Ryan's life and make him happy.


Love from Nancy Price

I miss things like: "Hey, are you wearing pants? I'm coming to get you!" I miss carpooling.  I miss big, snuggly hugs when I'm feeling low.  I miss her crazy, totally out-of-control laughter.


I miss sneaking tiny bottles of booze into Fringe so we can have spiked hot cocoa with our cheese curds out on the lawn at midnight after seeing shows all day where men are pretending to be chimpanzees and their schlongs just danced around distractingly for an hour.


I miss my friend.



A Tiny Pixie

Happy Birthday, Mariah!!


In celebration of this milestone birthday, I wanted to share some photos from our European travels.  You were such an amazing travel buddy, and I greatly enjoyed all of our adventures together. (Not pictured: the crack sticks from Valladolid, sheep dogs (I restrained myself), THE calzone from Italy, and many other fun memories).


While it was great fun looking back at the photos of us, I am also optimistic about the future and believe that the best is yet to come.  I think there are many more adventures in store for both of us, and I am hopeful that sometime we will be able to share some of those adventures together.


Lots of love,


...if you say “cocksuckers” to her she should know it was me.

Two memories:


The first being the shaving of our ancient Himalayan cat, Muffin, who would get the worst hairballs. Mariah was by far the most qualified and so we’d partake in an annual haircut ceremony where Muffin turned into a small lion. It was glorious.


The other is that if I’m not mistaken, she used to make the most wonderful, beautiful Easter eggs and I remember I was young enough to think that was a viable profession. I was very confident that she was going to be the world’s most famous Easter egg decorator and I think I’d brag about it to my friends at school.


- Kelsey

Work has been crazy as usual, people are playing a lot of video games. :)  Hope that you all are doing well, the kiddos are too cute.  Too bad we can't do Friendsgiving this year, it's going to be weird just doing Thanksgiving by myself, but it's as good a time as any to work on learning those recipes.

Things are going well here in Austin, still have so much to explore whenever things open back up.  Won't be any time soon, but I have faith that Austin will stay weird.  The new soccer stadium next door to me is almost done, the soccer team had Matthew McConaughey narrating putting the pitch down the other day.  Yes, we're that bored, lol.  Anyway, thanks for organizing this and putting your awesome organizing skills to work.



(My only other thought was to perhaps include a reference to how Mariah is trying to collect all the IP lawyers.)

She sang at my wedding and was my roommate. I had already asked someone to sing but when I heard her voice just messing around I was like omg I need you to sing at my wedding! Can I tell the other girl I don’t need her anymore?!


- Stacy

Happy Happy (Big) Birthday Mariah!

Sending love and best wishes from Texas for your special day!

I remember that patient, little bit of a girl who wanted her hair put up in hot rollers as she sat patiently on the bathroom counter - and, was so proud of her curly outcome.

We are not surprised that that little girl turned out to be a successful Doctor, businesswoman and good mother! When Bronson and Paige were born they were quite a bit younger than their cousins and new to the scene. Every time we came home for a family gathering you were so patient, inclusive and nurturing with our two little ones in a sea of big people and new experiences.

We are always happy to see your clever husband’s sweet family posts!

Wish we could be there to celebrate you and see those little ones! Enjoy your big day


- Sharie

Some of my best memories with Mariah are when we decided (still not sure how) to train to run a 5K together. Of course we selected the Blubber Run (costumes, beer and a great name). The actual run was much less fun than our regular route. During our 5K training we chatted to pass the time…

In addition to get to know each other better in general, two things stand out about Mariah:

1. Mariah is fiercely loyal, which one thing I really value in her. [I have no doubt she will help me hide any bodies should her services be required.]

2. Mariah is hardcore. She NEVER cancelled on me (which I thought was normal, until I tried to coordinate running, walking, other things with other people). We ran in driving rain, sloshing through puddles (when only one other person was foolish enough to be out at one of the normally most crowded lake paths). And then, Mariah not only ran the Blubber Run with me, but she ran again next year with her uncle. Insane.

I miss my running, walking, errand, life, etc. buddy—wish you were here Mariah, or I was there, or we were both someplace warm, preferably with an ocean…


Happy Birthday!



These are the eyes of someone who will help you hide a body...

Meeting her in ISU Honors and her telling me I was dumb for miss pronouncing Blanche Bubois! Oh and honors parties like the one of her and Katie on the bed of sin! Attached.


Another amazing time was in Spain and Italy and most of all our time in Venice during Carnival! We learned the insulating properties of cardboard when we had to sleep on the train station floor because the city was jam packed with people!


And the other photo is when I saw her in DC in 2006! 


Mariah is like a sister to me and I am so lucky to know all of you!!


- Wendy

Mariah's Birthday

By Ryan Price

Mariah's Birthday

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