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Martial arts today

Martial arts academies use a standard attendance card for record-keeping

Students mark the card & this is the basis for attendance, promotions payments, student history etc...

Martial arts academy owners are generally not very tech-savvy.


Standard attendance card

What Is The Problem?

Manual Records

The attendance card is paper-based. The data is one drink spill away from disaster.

Admin Nightmare

Academy have to spend time figuring out payments, gradings, onboarding of new students

Students Access

Martial arts academy students have no idea how many sessions they have taken or how well they are performing

No Digital Access

Martial arts academy students have no idea how many sessions they have taken or how well they are performing


Revenue Leak

Academies lose money as they struggle to convert Pay as you go customers to monthly subscribers

Customers Left Out

Students at martial arts academies have no access to payment history, grading goals, or attendance history. Avenues for values to Students completely unused

Lower Productivity

Instructors & Academy owners spend precious time away from teaching students, managing basic admin tasks

Introducing BeltStripe

Graphical dashboards with live reports about your academy

Easy payments collection for easy subscription management

Attendance features to enable grading of students

Communication tool to reach members via email & SMS

Mobile & Web app access for Instructors, Students & Admins

Rich community tool to connect academy owners & students

The BeltStripe Platform

4-tier solution for Students, Instructors & Academy Owners

Industry grade data security with GDPR compliance

Secure Stripe integration for timely payments to a bank account

Automatic onboarding for international customers with multi-currency support

Step 1

Student signs in at the the Academy they are enrolled at

The Registry app is available via a tablet at the martial-arts academy

Step 2

Attendance is marked and visible by the marital arts academy owner/admin

Academy owners have access to a private Admin app

Step 3

Students have access to attendance info via their own mobile & web applications

The student app also allows, students to subsribe to memberships and comminicate with community


Instructors are not left out, as they can see live attendance and class schedules

Instructors are usually part of an Academy, and can also take private bookings via BeltStripe

The Market Today

Global Wellness Industry

 $7.0 trillion

UK Marital-Arts Academy Market

by 2025

 £600 million

by 2023

USA Marital-Arts Academy Market

 $9.05 billion


Average UK Academy ARR


Individuals Actively Training (USA)


 2.34 million

by 2021

Average USA Academy ARR


2022  -  -

Nearly 7000 martial arts academies in the UK

About 31,904 martial-arts academies in the USA

Top Martial-Arts Styles

Jiu Jitsu

Muay Thai


Kung Fu



Biggest Markets

On average, each martial arts academy has around 150-350 members

Average membership plans are between £80 - £150 monthly

On average, around half of students are recurring subscribers

Competitive Landscape

Custom build

Requires extreme technical knowledge, but fully customisable

Gym Style Apps

Purpose built for Gyms, but usable by marital-arts academies

Booking Apps

Great for user info collection, but not purpose built for Martial arts

Martial-Arts Specialised

Specialised for marital-arts academies, with unique, experience

How BeltStripe Stands Out

Community access to academy owners and students

Students can sign up unattached to an Academy

We help Instructors reach a new audience online/offline

Instant payout of funds via Stripe Connect

Mature communication tool via email/SMS

IOS/Android applications for Student & Instructors


Currently in Beta with a 15-month trial at EKBJJ Academy, London.

BeltStripe pays out around $4,300 monthly to EBKK

Payout to reach $10,000 by April 20203

We have nearly 30 affiliates of EKBJJ academy in waiting, scheduled to go live in Q2 2023

Current Revenue

BeltStripe charges £99/$130 monthly to academies

Current revenue is £99 MRR

Scheduled to reach 100 (£10,000 MRR) academies by Q4  2023 & 1000 (£100,000 MRR) by Q3 2024

We aim to be the biggest martial arts software in the world by 2025

Growth Plan

Jiu-Jitsu - We aim to focus on Jisu Jitsu first & then support other martial arts fighting style academies

Language - Focus on English markets (USA, UK, Dubai, CA, AUS), then expand to Brazil, France ...

Distribution - We are in  early talks to distribute via a Jiu-Jitsu association with 20,000 academies

BeltStripe Plus - A novel premium service for students. Provides online training, benefits & global access to paid members

BeltStripe Team

Founder / Lead Developer

Sani Yusuf

Project/Product Manager

BSC AI/Computer Science

Ex Microsoft, Perkbox

Marital Artist (Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo)

Rukayya Yusuf

Knowledge Specialist
BSC Industrial Design

MSC Crisis Management


Lead Product Designer

Umar Salihu

BSC Architecture
Co-Lab Kaduna Fellow


+44 (0) 757 212 2924

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BeltStripe Pitch Deck

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