Make Your Keyboard Standout


Sani Yusuf

Microsoft MVP

Ionic Developer Expert

Big Fan Of Avatar Movie


Lets talk Keyboards

Early Days

Introducing Mobile Onscreen Keyboards


Windows Phone

IOS Keybaord

Lets Go Back To 2006

This Happened

APPS Everewhere

Did You Know?

The Keyboard Is An App

Lets Build Our Own

Not So Fast

Keyboards Are Hard To Build

Requires very high technical knowledge

Every developer wants their custom features

Cross-platform support

Where do you begin?

Can We Build Upon Something?


fleksy SDK

Same people that brought you the fleksy keyboard app

Guinness book record winning app

Android & IOS support

Over 5million Downloads

fleksy SDK Features

Language & Dictionary

Nealry 100 languages supported

Built In Emoji Support

Theme Engine

Native Swipe Support

Easily Add Overlays

Lets See Some Samples


More Samples


Popular Types Of Actors Using fleksy SDK

Keyboard App Developers

Developers creating downloadable keyboards like flesky keyboard app

Bundled Keyboard App

Developers creating keyboards that enhance application experiences 


Hardware manufacturers looking to develop unique keyboard applications 

Keyboard Distributor

Developers who plan to create  complex keyboard apps that have extention store (Themes, Feature unlock ETC)

Question Time

Make Your Keyboard Standout

By Sani Yusuf

Make Your Keyboard Standout

Keyboards are essential to how we interact with mobile applications. However, over the years, there has been little extension regarding how we use Keyboards. If a user wants to find some information, they still have to open another app, find the information they need and then return to the application where they want to consume the information. The keyboard today has been relegated to just typing and emojis, but it doesn't have to be this way any longer. In this session, I will introduce users to the Fleksy SDK and show how developers can integrate a custom keyboard experience in under 5 minutes for IOS & Android for their end users. You will see how we can affect the look and feel of a keyboard and integrate custom features that enable interoperability. The keyboard will no longer be for typing, and your users will see the keyboard simply as another application on your phone that exists across all apps.

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