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Design Ventura 2021


Tips for Design Ventura 2021

My name is Florence...


...and I work as a user experience and service designer.


I’ll be discussing…


  • How design can be connected  to lots of other subjects

  • Tips from my own design experience that can help through the Design Ventura

  • Useful resources both for yourselves as teachers and also for students

What is U(ser) (e)X(perience) design?


UX design is where all these things meet.










What kind of things do I do?


How did I get into UX design?


It's a funny story...

Physics and programming

Graduate software developer

UX design!!

Community STEAM outreach

So, what about those tips?


As you approach the challenge, it's important to always think about the person who will be using your product...

Observe and take note

Being a designer often starts with just noticing the things people do...

Encourage students to note how people use everyday products

Set creative challenges like sketch journals

Take inspiration from everything!

Think like a scientist…

You won't know what people think without asking them...

When will they use your product?

What problems are you solving?

What do they need? What do they want?

Test, test, test!

Use prototypes to find out what people do, not just what they say they will do... 

It doesn't have to be technical! You can test using paper prototypes and sketches

Ask people to do a task using the prototype

What is the difference? Do people do the task faster? With fewer mistakes?

Any good resources?


Some resources that might be useful...

  1. Design club learning resources -

  2. This is Service Design Doing -

  3. Empathy prompts -

  4. Design Challenge -


  6. Sustainable design resource -

Some resources that might be useful...

  1. Design Indaba -

  2. Feminist Futures -

  3. Black Females in Architecture-

  4. Indigene Magazine -

  5. Eye on Design -

Thank you for listening!


Designing experiences (Design Ventura)

By FINOkoye

Designing experiences (Design Ventura)

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