All decks
  • Are we even designing?

    Front End North 2020

  • Mapping a collective futurity

    Talk for New Adventures Conference 2020

  • Seeking the Black Maker

  • Service Design for Heritage workshop

    Outline for 'Collaborative ideation' and 'Mapping data' workshops, September 2019

  • The co-designed city

  • From the woman who walked to the Gilded canopy

    A talk given at the Applied Comics Network, Newcastle University, 2019

  • Considering futurities beyond the anthropocene through decolonising narratives of natural history collections

  • Of countermemories and recursive futurities

    Presentation for Stir London Launch on 14th November

  • Imperative Conditionals; Black speculative thought and the co-designed futurity

    BCU Seminar November, 2018

  • In the shadows of hateful glass

    For Building with Bias event

  • Imperative Conditionals

    V&A June 2018

  • It was never about learning to code (for notes)

    Presentation for Birmingham Design Festival

  • Hey you, do you even design?

    JSConfEU 2018

  • Designing for a Black Futurity

    UAL Symposium on Speculative Design and Indigenous Futurisms

  • Designing for the Job in a Noisy World

    Bulgaria Web Summit 2018

  • Co creating UX for interesting times

    UXCamp Brighton 2018

  • Dino Jam

  • Wilberforce panel talk

    A short talk on design and pervasive computing given at Brave New World: Reimagined, the 2018 Wilberforce Society annual conference

  • Making bots

    Decolonising bots conference and hackathon 26th-27th October 2017

  • From the past to the future

    Brighton Digital Festival presentation

  • Dude, do you even design?

    Hackference 2017

  • The Power of the Jam

    A presentation about a design jam and what I learned.

  • STEM-workshop-slide

  • Talking Languages

    A very brief, initial introduction to Computer languages for the Midlands Ada's List meet up in January.

  • Web as Narrative Space

    Presentation originally given at Creative Meet. Here I discuss how we can shape the web as a space for narratives, helping us make sense of a near infinite data source.

  • Take a Closer Look

    A brief presentation about our product idea developed for Global Sustainability Jam.

  • The Outsider's Gaze

    Using afrofuturism to examine the black experience of society and technology

  • SubjectOrchestra

  • Inspired by Intersectionality