• AfroFuturism as Praxis

    Sotheby's 2023

  • Museums and Design Justice

    A talk given 03/05/2023 at the Museum Tech conference hosted by the Museums Association

  • Inclusive user testing: a quick guide

    A day long workshop with students from Ravensbourne college introducing critical design approaches for inclusive practice.

  • Introductory user centred design: methods and approaches

    A a quick introduction to the user centred design process, from identifying key user problems and ideation, to prototyping and user testing. By the end of this talk you will get an understanding of tools and approaches for doing rapid user research, incorporating the best aspects of design thinking methods for making impactful digital products.

  • Designing experiences (Design Ventura)

  • Holistic design for interesting times

    How can we ensure that we are designing holistically, with all the challenges we must be mindful of, from tackling embedded bias in our products to offsetting negative environmental impact. This presentation will look at two design paradigms and how they can impact our design practice to keep us accountable and inclusive.

  • Are we even designing?

    Front End North 2020

  • Mapping a collective futurity

    Talk for New Adventures Conference 2020

  • Seeking the Black Maker

  • Service Design for Heritage workshop

    Outline for 'Collaborative ideation' and 'Mapping data' workshops, September 2019

  • From the woman who walked to the Gilded canopy

    A talk given at the Applied Comics Network, Newcastle University, 2019

  • Considering futurities beyond the anthropocene through decolonising narratives of natural history collections

  • Of countermemories and recursive futurities

    Presentation for Stir London Launch on 14th November

  • Imperative Conditionals; Black speculative thought and the co-designed futurity

    BCU Seminar November, 2018

  • In the shadows of hateful glass

    For Building with Bias event

  • Imperative Conditionals

    V&A June 2018

  • It was never about learning to code (for notes)

    Presentation for Birmingham Design Festival

  • Hey you, do you even design?

    JSConfEU 2018

  • Designing for a Black Futurity

    UAL Symposium on Speculative Design and Indigenous Futurisms

  • Designing for the Job in a Noisy World

    Bulgaria Web Summit 2018

  • Co creating UX for interesting times

    UXCamp Brighton 2018

  • Dino Jam

  • Wilberforce panel talk

    A short talk on design and pervasive computing given at Brave New World: Reimagined, the 2018 Wilberforce Society annual conference

  • Making bots

    Decolonising bots conference and hackathon 26th-27th October 2017

  • From the past to the future

    Brighton Digital Festival presentation

  • Dude, do you even design?

    Hackference 2017

  • The Power of the Jam

    A presentation about a design jam and what I learned.

  • STEM-workshop-slide

  • Talking Languages

    A very brief, initial introduction to Computer languages for the Midlands Ada's List meet up in January.

  • Web as Narrative Space

    Presentation originally given at Creative Meet. Here I discuss how we can shape the web as a space for narratives, helping us make sense of a near infinite data source.

  • Take a Closer Look

    A brief presentation about our product idea developed for Global Sustainability Jam.

  • The Outsider's Gaze

    Using afrofuturism to examine the black experience of society and technology

  • SubjectOrchestra

  • Inspired by Intersectionality