Take a Closer Look

We want to create a way for people to understand the impact of their actions.


The aim is that by presenting people with information about the products and services they buy, this will encourage them to make more ethical choices.

The Process

1) Users told us that information about products should be available at the very start of the process - here it's depicted it as via an app, online search or virtual reality as options.


2a) User goes shopping - 2b) is an online scenario where the idea  is that if you were shopping on something like amazon, you could have an option like 'enable ethical eye' via the browser you'd be using to highlight ethical considerations on the things you'd buy.

3) User is in a shop. Behind her is a sign highlighting the most ethical shop of the week - this is just to illustrate the multimedia messaging thats needed.

The Process

4) As the user goes through the shop, the ethical/sustainability related info is as easy to see as info about the price

 - there's also 'fact-boxes' to illustrate how it might look in virtual reality

5) The user is confused what to buy and trying to make the best decision

6) As per user feedback, the user considers expense first and foremost

The Process

7) This demonstrates the user's context - surrounded by easily understandable and accessible info about the ethical standards of the products around them.

8) In the the ideal process, they make the more ethical - even if slightly more expensive choice


The Process

9) Finally we see the post purchase stage where the user gets updated about the impact their shopping choice has made - an affirmation of their contribution

What we learned...

  • People are aware that sustainability and the environment are key issues
  • ...but will always want a good deal!
  • Family and health are key motivators and influence buying habits...
  • and people are willing to change purchasing habits for the sake of health.
  • They would like to have more information about the impact (short-term and long-term) of their choices...
  • ...and would like transparency as to where the information is coming from.

Take a Closer Look

By FINOkoye

Take a Closer Look

A brief presentation about our product idea developed for Global Sustainability Jam.

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