From the woman who walked to the Gilded Canopy

Decentering collections of natural history through comics

Who am I?

Name: Florence Okoye


Profession: UX Designer


Likes: anime, purple, afrofuturism, languages, web development, alternative history, C++, pigeons

But how?

The Designer

The User

The Provider

Sometimes, it's just plain broken.

Credit: Abigail Daker

"Arguably, it is the combination of printed words and visual images that allows for such a multitude of… approaches...

"While, on the one hand, the very nature of comic art ... encourages a closed textual zone that imposes a preferred reading...

"...its visual techniques open up and ‘play’ with narrative… encouraging multiple interpretations."

Janice Morris, 'Of Mice and Men: Collaboration, post memory and working through in Art Spiegelman’s Maus: a Survivor’s Tale'


Art by Rob Bidder


Art by Sammy Borras

Miranda Lowe

She is amazing and you should all be following her.


"[C]omics is the only form in which past, present, and future are visible simultaneously."

Scott McCloud, 'An Interview with Scott McCloud'


What next?

"as we distance ourselves from grand narratives in the writing of history, comics offer a way to democratise an interdisciplinary study of the past..."

" they offer a means to explore the relationship between history and memory, between lived experience and representation..."

"and to confront official accounts with what Butler... terms “the discarded negative of the official version”..."

"—those lived experiences that have been excluded from conventional frames of representation."

Claire Gorrara, 'BLACK OCTOBER: Comics, Memory, and
Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961'

Using an advocacy approach

Helps people to start decentering the Museum

By decentering the Museum

they're better able to engage with it.

Thank you!


From the woman who walked to the Gilded canopy

By FINOkoye

From the woman who walked to the Gilded canopy

A talk given at the Applied Comics Network, Newcastle University, 2019

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