The Web as Narrative Space



The Web as Narrative Space

How can we use the web as a narrative medium

Useful tools and frameworks for narrative design

A little background

Currently work in UX and Service Design

How can we use the web to make knowledge more accessible?

...with some side research projects...

How can we use the web to share encounters with the Other?

The Web as Knowledge Space

The web is filled with... stuff...

...but is it data

or knowledge?





The web is a [near] infinite space of [near] infinite knowledgedata



How do we turn data into knowledge? 

 How does this impact our approach to the web?

Consider the process...

We adapt products to suit their environments.

How do we make sense of this near-infinite data set?

Credit: animated gif by PATAKK

Initially might see at the web as an infinite, blank canvas with the maker as ruler...

...but as designers/users, we know this is an illusion.

We adapt productsnarratives to suit their environments.

This requires tools and methodologies to create adaptable narratives to help each other understand the human experience.


Trying to make interdisciplinary research more... accessible

As an independent researcher, I need to find cheap and easy ways of getting data and sharing it.


Aguguala: Making online history a little more user friendly.

Some other examples:




in conclusion...

As designers, tinkerers, programmers and thinkers, we should always think about addressing the balance between data and knowledge.

We always need to think about how we shape the web to become a place where people are easily connected to knowledge, not just data (though data helps too)

There are a plethora of tools and frameworks out there... go check 'em out and mess stuff up!

Thank you!

Web as Narrative Space

By FINOkoye

Web as Narrative Space

Presentation originally given at Creative Meet. Here I discuss how we can shape the web as a space for narratives, helping us make sense of a near infinite data source.

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