Dear Drupal

we met many years ago

you showed us how to contributeĀ 

you showed us new cultures

we partied

you taught us how to present

you helped growing many companies

from a couple of people

to a global company

you found us love <3


you changed a lot

Drupal 8 is a
new Drupal

  • Upgrading is hard
  • Modules work different
  • OOP everywhere
  • We have to learn so many new things

and they already talk about Drupal 9 šŸ˜±

Adoption has slowed down

and it's scarry

DrupalCon attendees are going down

you created a lot of physical and mental pain

I'm sorry.

You want us to learn composer and the cli

You want us to learn JavaScript

and it's not the JavaScript we know

  const getAllRoutesURLs = async () => {
    const allRoutesObject = await routesGet();
    let hosts = []
    hosts = => {
      const schema = ("tls" in route) ? 'https://' : 'http://'
      return `${schema}${}`
    return hosts

You have all these Security Issues

Is Drupal over?

is that our tomorrow?

who is Drupal?

all of us

we are in this together

change is what keeps us alive

the others are not sleeping

Drupal is powering the web



  • 1 Mio Drupal Websites
  • 5% of the top 1 Mio Websites are Drupal
  • Drupal is used more and more by big and important websites
  • Is more market share really better?
  • Data Usage is voluntarily


Drupal 9 Upgrade

As easy as 8.x to 8.x+1 upgrade



  • Camps are less intimidating than Cons
  • Camps are closer to the people
  • Camps are more affordable



  • Sponsor Camps
  • Send Employees to Camps


  • Ask to go to Camps

Proudly found elsewhere
Proudly invented elsewhere

Embracing and using
other tools

  • We've always done it (jQuery)
  • Less work for us
  • It brings the PHP Community closer together
  • Easier to hire engineers

Package Manager

  • There is no other way
  • Everybody uses it
  • Everybody has always used Package Managers

Drupal Security

Drupal Security

  • Drupal is the most secure Open Source CMS
  • Drupal Security team completely volunteers
  • Same Processes like Linux, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.
  • Hosting company have you covered
  • There will be DrupalGeddon 3!

Decoupled Frontends

JavaScript is taking over

  • Stanford: Introduction into Development via JavaScript
  • JavaScript runs everywhere
  • JavaScript Developers are easier to find

Decoupled Frameworks

  • Facebook, BBC, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and thousands more
  • API First
  • More development, design, UX capabilities

Drupal &
Decoupled Frameworks

  • Drupal at forefront of Decoupling
  • Full support for JSON-API and GraphQL
  • Progressive Decoupling as a first step
    • React Comments by Chapter Three
  • Contenta CMS
    • Angular, Elm, Ember, React, Vue, ...

Dear Drupal,
let's build the future together

  • Accept and embrace change
    from all of us
  • Investments from all of us

The Future of Drupal - TexasCamp 2018

By Michael Schmid

The Future of Drupal - TexasCamp 2018

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