Forward 4, 2016-02-10

This is not a talk about code

This is about architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

  • What is it
  • Why use it
  • Why do it in node?
  • How to do it properly
  • How npm uses SOA

Confession time

I rewrote this whole talk yesterday.

Part 1: what is SOA?

SOAs are a distributed system

Distributed systems feature:

  1. Concurrency
  2. No global clock
  3. Independent components

What about microservices?

Part 2: advantages of SOA

  • technical

  • organizational

Resource efficiency

Cost efficiency

  • specialization

  • scalability

  • tunability


Never gonna give you up,

never gonna take you down.


0.01^100 = 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

100 boxes, 1% chance of failure

Chance of being completely down:

0.01*100 = 100%

Chance of being slightly down:


Organizational advantages

Conway's Law in reverse

Simpler systems are simpler

Smaller systems allow for smaller teams

Smaller teams are better teams

Big teams are hard, so don't have any.

Part 3: why node is great at SOA

#1: Node is inherently good

at writing web services

#2: small modules make for efficient microservices

#3: node and npm make shared logic easier

and now, a shameless product plug

Share code within your company using npm On-Site, or npm Organizations

Part 4: best practices for SOA in node

  • application-level
  • architectural
  • operational

Application level



  • access-cache
  • billing-api
  • docs
  • frontdoor
  • partners
  • registry-relational
  • user-acl
  • validate&store
  • www
  • downloads-api
  • fastly-purge
  • login-cache
  • public skimdb
  • search
  • tarball follower
  • credentials follower
  • slackboard

npm's services

Consistent error handling

  • crash on error
  • restart on crash
  • monitor restarts

Shared logic

The less unique code, the faster the fix.


Asynchronous operations will save your life

Fail safely and softly

  • Expect flaky networks
  • Degrade gracefully
  • Recover automatically

Race conditions

conditions. So race many



  • one source of truth
  • configure at deploy


  • automate everything
  • use "canary" servers

Handle cold starts

  • Can the service deploy if it's down?
  • Will creep up on you slowly


  • Capture every request
    • source
    • frequency
    • size
  • Log every response
    • type
    • speed
    • size
  • Log every event

Monitoring & Alerting

  • Dashboards: not just for show
  • Alert on out-of-range metrics

Part 5: npm as SOA

A case study

What is npm?

4 things:

  1. CLI
  2. Registry
  3. www
  4. On-Site

Fun fact

One thing

One big, complicated thing


The Registry

More registry



npm On-Site

Service re-use


  • SOA is neat
  • Node is good at SOA
  • You can be good at SOA
  • npm is pretty neat, too

Thank you!

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Forward: Node, npm and SOA

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Forward: Node, npm and SOA

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