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Shalin Shekhar Mangar

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Truly open source & proven at scale

Fast, scalable, reliable, distributed

NRT indexing and search

Stats, analytics, geospatial

Extremely pluggable

Solr in 2 minutes

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Quick start Solr

    tar xvf solr-6.0.1.tgz (linux/mac)

    ./bin/solr start -e schemaless
    ./bin/solr start -e cloud (interactive cloud setup)
    ./bin/solr start -e cloud -noprompt (zero effort demo cloud setup)

    ./bin/solr -help

Index documents:
    ./bin/post -c gettingstarted /path/to/local/data.extn
    ./bin/post -help
    # Extn = {xml,json,jsonl,csv,pdf,doc,docx,ppt,pptx,xls,xlsx}
    # Extn = {odt, odp, ods, ott, otp, ots, rtf, htm, html, txt, log}

    curl 'http://localhost:8983/solr/gettingstarted/select?q=*:*'
    curl 'http://localhost:8983/solr/gettingstarted/select?q=my_query'

    ./bin/solr stop
    ./bin/solr stop -p 8983
    ./bin/solr stop -all

Solr 5.x

Past and present

State of the project

  • API: search, update, collection, schema, config
  • Faceting: term, range, query, pivots, multi-select, heatmap
  • Stats: min, max, mean, stddev, percentiles, count distinct
  • Security: Basic auth, SSL, kerberos
  • SolrJ streaming API

Solr Heatmaps in action

Solr 6

Solr 6

  • Released in April 2016
  • Developed on master branch
  • Solr 6.0.1 released last week

Solr 6: Parallel SQL

  • Parallel execution of SQL across SolrCloud collections
  • Compiled to SolrJ Streaming API which supports parallel relational algebra and real-time map/reduce
  • Executed in parallel over SolrCloud worker nodes
  • SolrCloud collections are relational 'tables'
  • JDBC thin client as a SolrJ client
select category, count(*), sum(inventory), min(price), 
        max(price), avg(outstanding) 
    from mytable 
    where text='XXXX' 
    group by category 
    order by sum(inventory) asc limit 10

select id, category from collection1 
where category = 'dvd bluray' 
order by category desc limit 100

select fieldA, fieldB, count(*), sum(fieldC), avg(fieldY) 
from collection1 
where fieldC = 'term1 term2' 
group by fieldA, fieldB 
having sum(fieldC) > 1000 
order by sum(fieldC) asc 
limit 100

Solr 6: Parallel SQL

Solr 6: Parallel SQL


curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/movies/sql" \
    --data-binary \
    "stmt=select name,rank from movies \
    where rank='[0 TO 10]' order by rank desc limit 10"

curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/movies/sql" \
    --data-binary \
    "stmt=select avg(rating) from movies \
    where nb_voters='[10000 TO *]' and director='scor*'"

curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/movies/sql" \
    --data-binary \
    "stmt=select director, avg(rating), count(*) from movies \
    where nb_voters='[10000 TO *]' group by director"

Solr 6:Graph traversal query

  • Basic traversal that follows nodes to edges, optionally filtering during traversal
  • Equivalent to a repeated join query
  • BFS search with cycle detection
  • Use cases: role based access control, query augmentation using hyponyms and hypernyms, hierarchy or ontology browsing

Solr 6: Graph traversal query

// Assuming each document is a person, find Philip and all his ancestors
fq={!graph from=parent_id to=id}id:"Philip J. Fry"

// assume each doc is a tweet
// search for all tweets mentioning java by me or people I follow
q=java&fq={!graph from=following_id to=id maxDepth=1}id:"shalinmangar"

Solr 6: Cross DC replication

  • Accommodate 2 or more data centers
  • Active/passive disaster recovery
  • Support limited bandwidth links
  • Eventually consistent passive cluster

Why not a single SolrCloud?

  • Same update is transferred to each replica
  • Synchronous indexing means burst-indexing constrained by cross-DC link
  • Increased latency for indexing operations
  • Need a ZooKeeper node in a 3rd DC to break ties
  • Search requests are not DC aware, may choose a remote replica

Solr 6: Cross DC Replication

Solr 6: Cross DC Replication

  • Scalable: no SPoF and/or bottleneck 
  • Peer cluster can have different replication factors
  • Asynchronous updates, no penalty for indexing operations and burst indexing
  • Push operations for low latency replication
  • Low overhead -- uses existing transaction logs
  • Leader-to-leader communication ensures an update is sent only once to peer cluster

Solr 6: BM25 scoring

  • Default in Solr 6
  • Tweak the scoring function per-field type
  • Classic tf-idf vector space model still available

Solr 6: What else?

  • SolrCloud Backup/Restore API
  • Ability to read DocValues as if they were stored
  • BKD tree based new numeric dimensional values
  • Geo3d search
  • New AngularJS based admin UI the default
  • Java 8 only

Solr 6.1 and beyond

Streaming expressions++

  • Graph traversals with shortest paths, node walking, Gremlin implementation
  • Machine learning models -- Logistic Regression
  • Alerts, pub-sub, updates

Solr 6: A modern API

  • Query and updates continue to support JSON, XML, Binary, Smile, CSV)
  • All other APIs are JSON by default, 'wt' still supported
  • Input payloads will be HOCON (human-optimized config object notation), a super-set of JSON
  • Requests that change state must be HTTP POST
  • The new API is versioned at /v2. Old API is available at /v1
  • Introspection support via JSON schema

Solr 6: A typical API call

curl -XPOST -H 'Content-type:application/hocon' --data-binary '{
  operation : {
    operation parameters
}' http://host:port/v2/endpoint

Solr 6: API introspection


    "collections.Commands": {
    "documentation": "https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/Collections+API#CollectionsAPI-api1",
    "methods": ["POST","GET"],
    "url": {
      "paths": ["/collections"]},
    "commands": {
        "description":"Create an alias for one or more collection",
        "properties": {
          "name": {
            "type": "string",
            "description": "The alias name to be created"},
          "collections" :{
            "description":"The list of collections to be aliased"}},
        "required" : ["name","collections"]}}}}}

Solr 6: API endpoints

  • /v2/collections/<collection-name>/* : Operations on specific collections. This could be collection APIs or a read/write operation on some collection
  • /v2/cores/<core-name>/* : Operations on a core or a coreadmin call
  • /v2/cluster/* : Cluster-wide operations which are not specific to any collections, overseer, cluster properties etc
  • /v2/node/* : Operations on the node receiving the request. This is the counter part of the core admin API

Solr 6: API examples

// create a collection called 'golf'
curl -XPOST -d '{
  create-collection : {
    name : golf,
    numShards : 2,
    configTemplate : data_driven_schema_configs
}' http://localhost:8983/v2/collections/golf

// enable auto soft-commit every 2 seconds
curl -XPOST -d '{
  set-property : { "updateHandler.autoSoftCommit.maxTime" : 2000 }
}' http://localhost:8983/v2/collections/golf/config

// index data
curl -XPOST -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '[
   "course": "fossil trace",
   "city": "Golden",
   "state": "CO",
   "par": 72,
   "score": 76,
   "gir": 15,
   "fairways": 10
]' http://localhost:8983/v2/collections/golf/update/json/docs

// query using JSON API
curl -d '{
  query : "*:*",
  rows: 10,
  fields: [course, score, par, gir],
  sort: "date desc"
}' http://localhost:8983/v2/collections/golf/query

What else?

  • Update-able DocValues API
  • Improved inter-node communication using async IO and http/2
  • Expect to see more new Lucene features being exposed by Solr
  • Many other optimizations, bug fixes and new features

Solr 6: Recap

  • Massively scalable, streaming analytics
  • Well known SQL interface to a powerful search engine
  • Multiple data center support
  • Scalable, fast, resilient SolrCloud


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What's cooking in Apache Solr 6

By Shalin Shekhar Mangar

What's cooking in Apache Solr 6

A preview of things to come in Solr 6

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