A Practical guide
to Platform Engineering

Serg Hospodarets

Author, Speaker. DevOps and Web contributor:
contributed to Terraform, ECMAScript/JS, and Chrome

My path

Platforms Creator

Title Managed team size
Developer, Tech. Leader ~10
Architect, Eng. Manager ~20
Director of Engineering 50+
VP, Global Head of Eng. 100+

What problems did we need to solve
and Why Platform Engineering?

What we had

🏦 What we wanted

Organization Main request
💰 Finance (CFO) Cost efficiency
Product (CPO) ⏰ Time to market
🔐 Security (CIO) - security checks
- fast security fixes
Leaders, CPeopleO - more common and modern tech stack
COO 📊 Be ready for M&A
Board, CEO Fast results and future projection
🏛 Architects Common architecture
Eng. and Operations Less cognitive load

- up to 20 days of downtime per year

- 1 day MTTR

- 124 different Vendors, 30% of infra cost reduction hard request

- Ad hoc and per project security checks and fixes rollout

- Prod deployments once per a month

How do we apply DevOps?

What about

promised to
resolve both...

1. Way to apply DevOps principles in practice in large orgs.

2. Helps to enable Team Topologies

How to create Platform Engineering org?
(details and demo)

1. Tooling Demo: Engineering Portal

Platform stage at this point: Childhood

Typical team structure




2. Tooling Demo: Front-End

- Storybook - Frontend workshop for UI development (React, Vue, Angular, JS)

- Create React apps self-service - Provide own app templates

- Customize app config - own app configs

Next steps- move fast and bring the business value ASAP

Use AI to speed-up development:
Warp AI, at your command


ChatGPT AI Docs for Front-End Platform


AI-driven documentation, knowledge base and chatbot

3. Tooling Demo: Configurable Microservices/Apps self-service

Platform stage at this point: Adoléscence

Typical team structure




Next Platform steps

- Provide common artifacts and container solutions

- Environments

- Common Observability

- Upgradability

- Introduce common Security and Quality checks


List of platform tooling 👉

Platform stage at this point: Maturity

Typical team structure




4. Tooling: Upgradability

- Use for automated rollout of new features and versions across Platform customers

Front-End: Codeshift / Codemods

Microservices, apps and infra: JHipster Upgrading application

Dependencies: Renovate- multi-platform and multi-language.

What was achieved

Area Outcome
Platform-based tech. 50+ apps
100+ microservices, 20+ microfrontends
📝 DORA metrics MTTR decreased from 1 day to 4 hours
Availability went from 95% (20 days down) to 99.999% (5 min/year)
⏰ Time to market Once per month prod deployments ➡️ to daily deployments and weekly releases.
🔐 Security checks
- fast security fixes
Applied Common Platform security guardrails (shared CI/CD)
Supply chain fixes delivered in ~3 hours to prod across portfolio
Other Metrics Time to onboarding decreased 2.3 times
eNPS score improved for +12

Tips from experience

- Pilot team(s) is super important to become evangelists


- Treat Platform as a product:
1. Internal teams are your customers: provide support, Slack etc. channels

2. Invest in Platform PM and DevX culture

3. Evangelise- regular releases, demos, newsletters


- For UI adoption put heads together with the UX, infra- DevOps, security- SecOps

- Cooperate with Architects/Directors/VP/CXO across the org


- Jackpot Platform strategy- find a way and deliver your platform to your company customers

Inspirational 🗣

- Prefer golden path over golden cage

- Foster the Pull vs Push culture

- Work with leadership for a top-down support for bottom-up enablement


Serg Hospodarets 






Platform Engineering- Why and How to start (short)

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Platform Engineering- Why and How to start (short)

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