nock and cucumber

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nock is an HTTP mocking and expectations library for Node.js


var nock = require('nock');
var couchdb = nock('https://kikoo.js')
  .reply(200, {
    _id: '123ABC',
    _rev: '946B7D1C',
    username: 'toto',
    email: 'toto2015@kikoo.js'
var scope = nock('https://kikoo.js')
  .post('/users', {
    username: 'toto',
    email: 'toto2015@kikoo.js'
  .reply(201, {
    ok: true,
    id: '123ABC',
    rev: '946B7D1C'

Good to know



How to cucumber?

  • Describe behaviour in plain text
  • Write a step definition in Ruby
  • Run and watch it fail
  • Write code to make the step pass
  • Run again and see the step pass
  • Repeat 2-5 until green like a cuke



 1: Feature: Some terse yet descriptive text of what is desired
 2:   Textual description of the business value of this feature
 3:   Business rules that govern the scope of the feature
 4:   Any additional information that will make the feature easier to understand
 6:   Scenario: Some determinable business situation
 7:     Given some precondition
 8:       And some other precondition
 9:      When some action by the actor
10:       And some other action
11:       And yet another action
12:      Then some testable outcome is achieved
13:       And something else we can check happens too
15:   Scenario: A different situation
16:       ...

Steps: Gherkin => Code


String interpolation

this.Then(/^I should see "(.*)" as the page title$/, function (title, callback) { ...
this.Then('I should see "$title" as the page title', function (title, callback) { ...


  • Testing environment
  • "this" is always the same !
  • Bullet Three


  • Before and After
  • Access to the scenario
  • "this" is always the same !



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nock and cucumber

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nock and cucumber

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