Slack Introduction

Writing, Celebrating, Feedback

Idea of Slack

Old chatrooms -> Facebook -> Slack

More Communication, less documentation (Trello for that)

What you know from Facebook

Groups = Channels

personal messages

New since last time


Comments as threads

(private & public)

(incl to yourself ;))

- focus on conversations, not profiles & people

       => starting with "#general" channel & threads

       => more channels on demand

What is different from FB

- reactions are on steroids! :)

    - choose (& create) your own reaction emojis!

    - /giphy   !

Some Housekeeping

For yourself

- notifications (snoozing, email, working hours, vacation mode)

- saving messages


For the community

- keep channels / information public by default

- fill out your profile! :)

- pinning messages to channels


For Documentation => Trello

Nadja is open to people helping with the backlog & ideas :)
( )

Now try it out! =)


(in small groups)
(incl tipps from your facilitators)

What were your experiences?

What did you like the best?

What do you still struggle with?

2 Cents on Slack from your facilitators

Two cents on Slack usage:

  • There is the fine balance between oversharing and not enough content to stay interesting
  • If it gets too much in one channel - split the topic into another one. Not before!

For more questions feel free to ask in Slack :)

Your Facis today & Slack Admins:

- Luisa

- Gosha

- Felix

Thank you for your attention!

Slack Introduction

By Felix Handler

Slack Introduction

Slack Introduction

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